'Nelit2E' is a project, that consist of 'Nelit 2 Engine' and game 'Nelit 3D II'

'Nelit3D II' is an 3D arcade game sequel of Nelit3D: Ruins. You are alone in endless dark corridors of the labyrinth in a small submarine and you should reach the end.

'Nelit 2 Engine' is a light game engine. Features:

  • 3D graphic engine based on OpenGL and DevIL.
  • Sound and Music subsystem based on OpenAL.
  • Cg Toolkit is used as shader toolkit.

If you want ask me something, give me some feed back, ideas or ask a question, just send a mail to me

[13.03.09] Made the mailing list. See below for aditional information.
[04.03.09] A web site of project is completed.
[03.03.09] The beginning of work.
Mailing list:
The nelit2e-main mailing list is for announcements of new versions, major updates and other general information.
The web page for users of this mailing list is
You can download source code from subversion repository, just enter next command in your console:

svn co nelit2e

If you want only lastest code add "/trunk" to the HTTPS URL.

Repository contain Eclipse CDT project files that I use.

Also you can browse repository with your web browser, just go to this link.

Copyright (C) Alexander Boldyrev, 2009

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